Path of the Panther Pledge

Pledge to protect the Path of the Panther!

Habitat loss is the leading driver of extinction globally. We know that a connected and protected Florida Wildlife Corridor is critical to the continued recovery of the endangered Florida panther. Protection of the Florida Wildlife Corridor can show us how to achieve a planet in balance, protecting vital natural resources for people and wildlife.  

I agree that action to protect the Florida Wildlife Corridor is critical in the face of growing population and development in the state. I am adding my voice to the Path of the Panther Pledge and joining the local communities, landowners, and dozens of organizations in taking action to protect the panther and the land it needs to survive.   

I pledge to…  

  • Call on my elected officials to further their support of the Florida Wildlife Corridor  
  • Get outside, explore and connect with the Corridor through recreational activities  
  • Support local, indigenous-led, and sustainable ecotourism practices and companies when traveling in the Corridor  
  • Respect our native wildlife and their habitat by leaving no trace   
  • Build momentum for this campaign by sharing the Path of the Panther with my friends and family using the hashtag #pathofthepanther on social media