We’re Storytellers, Explorers and Conservationists

Wildpath’s mission is to inspire the appreciation and protection of wild places. We seek to tell powerful stories that raise awareness of conservation issues that inspire policy makers, businesses, communities, and citizens to take action.


Stories have the power to connect us and inspire action.


There are exciting discoveries to be made,
even in our own backyards.


We believe people and nature can
thrive together.

Meet the Wildpath Team

Our team specializes in impact campaigns, photography, video, and advanced remote imaging. For licensing stock photography, video, or graphics, and commissioning new photography, video or works of art, please contact [email protected].

Carlton Ward Jr


Carlton Ward Jr. is a National Geographic Explorer and photographer focused on Florida’s hidden wild. He founded the Florida Wildlife Corridor project in 2010 and has since trekked 2,000 miles during two National Geographic supported expeditions to advocate for the corridor’s protection. As an eighth-generation Floridian, Ward has developed strong connections with conservation organizations, researchers, and landowners. He is now working as an ambassador for the recovery of the Florida panther. To learn more about Carlton Ward Jr.’s fine art photography, please visit: CarltonWard.com.

Lisa Baylor

Director of Operations

Lisa Baylor is an artist, designer and project manager. She holds a BFA in Studio Arts from Webster University, a background which has helped her contribute to multiple conservation projects over the past ten years with Carlton and the Florida Wildlife Corridor team, including publications, expeditions and major exhibits. Lisa applies her Midwestern work ethic to creating a better Florida through art and outreach.

Tori Linder

Path of the Panther Managing Director + Impact Producer

Tori Linder is a conservationist, educator and storyteller. Working with the private, public and non profit sectors, she has built a career as a leading campaign strategist and impact producer, scaling conservation initiatives in North America and sub-Saharan Africa.

As Managing Director of the Path of the Panther project, she has overseen coalition building, educational initiatives, fundraising, issue mapping, partnerships, productions and public affairs.

In May 2021, the campaign led by Path of the Panther and partners resulted in the bipartisan, unanimous passage of The Florida Wildlife Corridor Act. Described by the New Yorker as "a national model for how to safeguard threatened species for generations," the legislation has since spurred a $2 billion dollar state investment in land conservation.

A respected voice on conservation and impact media, Tori has spoken at institutions such as Earth X, The Explorers Club and The Redford Center. She has been featured in global media outlets including Deadline, The Guardian, National Geographic and The Washington Post.

Malia Byrtus

Communications and Outreach Coordinator

Malia is a Florida-born storyteller focused on community-driven conservation and exploration. Malia first joined Wildpath in 2017 as a field assistant while completing her master’s degree in Exploration Science from the University of Miami. In 2019, she became the Field Program Manager overseeing Wildpath’s extensive network of remote camera traps throughout the Greater Everglades ecosystem and managing a group of diverse volunteers in the field. Today, Malia works on Wildpath communications and impact campaigns from her 1994 Dodge van as she travels the country’s connected landscapes.

Katie Bryden

Director of Video Storytelling

Katie Bryden is a conservation filmmaker. Over the last five years, she’s worked in the non-profit sector leading productions – on land and at sea – across six continents, crafting compelling conservation short films from concept to delivery. As an Emerging League Fellow at the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP) and DC’s August 2020 Filmmaker of the Month, Katie’s work has been recognized for its global storytelling impact.

Lauren Yoho

Social Media Manager

Lauren Yoho is a photographer and artist. She has worked as a Camera Trap Technician primarily responsible for helping manage Wildpath’s network of professional photo and video camera traps. Today, Lauren is Wildpath’s Social Media Manager. Lauren holds a BFA in studio art and biology from Loyola University in New Orleans. Her degrees have helped shape her passion for photography and nature conservation.

George McKenzie Jr.

Camera Trap Technician

George McKenzie Jr. is a National Geographic Society award-winning photographer and documentarian from Brooklyn, New York. His work explores the intersection of wildlife, natural history, cultures, and conservation through visual storytelling. With over five years of industry experience, George is well-versed in producing stories with impact, focusing on human interests around the world. In his role as camera trap technician, George oversees a network of camera trap systems in the Northern Everglades documenting the recovery of the endangered Florida panther. When he’s not working, George enjoys mentoring rising young people of color around the world.

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