Directed by Wildpath’s Director of Video Storytelling, Katie Bryden, with support from The National Wildlife Federation, ‘Dear Tampa Bay’ shares personal stories from neighboring Gulf coast community leaders inTexas, Louisiana and Mississippi. The film explores how communities across the Gulf have faced and are working to address the same climate impacts facing Tampa Bay, showcasing actions that could be applied to the Tampa Bay area.

Building resilient coastal communities

The Gulf of Mexico is not only a diverse and ecologically rich marine environment but also home to thousands of coastal communities whose livelihoods are intricately linked to its health. However, the Gulf and its communities face unprecedented challenges due to climate change and other human pressures.As a result, the solutions for protecting the Gulf and its communities are constantly evolving, driven by the need for innovative approaches that ensure the long-term sustainability and well-being of both the environment and the people who call it home.

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