July 7, 2022

The Florida Wildlife Corridor and Wildpath team featured in newest series from National Geographic 'America the Beautiful', now streaming on Disney+

From the award-winning producers of ‘Planet Earth,’ this six-part series celebrates the wonder and diversity of North America’s picturesque landscapes and amazing animals. Narrated by Emmy-nominated actor and producer Michael B. Jordan, ‘America the Beautiful’ is the first series to utilize cinema-grade cameras on fighter jets to reveal epic imagery and features an original soundtrack with performances from indigenous musicians.
The Wildpath team is proud to have contributed state of the art camera trap imagery to reveal the Florida Wildlife Corridor in the ‘Waterland’ episode of this series. For the entirety of 2020, our field team deployed and managed over a dozen camera traps throughout the Greater Everglades capturing video of elusive Florida panthers and unique Florida black bear behavior for ‘America the Beautiful’. For their efforts to inspire protection of the Florida Wildlife Corridor, team members Carlton Ward Jr. and Malia Byrtus are also featured on screen in the ‘Brave New World’ episode alongside other incredible conservationists across North America.
According to National Geographic, the goal is to inspire audiences to conserve the precious habitats and inhabitants found in our own backyards. It is an honor to have the Florida Wildlife Corridor and its iconic animals included.

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"Trekking to the same coordinates every other week, spending countless hours on an animal trail or 20 feet high in a pine tree taught me the language of the Everglades. I started to feel a connection to this place that I realized was quite rare. But nothing can compare to the relationships I formed with the wildlife around me." - Malia Byrtus on her experience camera trapping for 'America the Beautiful'